The Greenshift theme has everything which you can expect from a powerful Block theme. But there are some additional features that makes it unique


Performance and Smart LoadersMake your site really fast

Block themes are fast by default, but Greenshift makes it even faster because all customizations that we made are conditionally loaded. The default size of required assets which the theme loads are 2kb. Every byte has matter to us


Improved Navigation and Mega menuBuild complex menus easily

Theme has significant improvements for core navigation block. It has better mobile navigation, code areas for mobile panel, options to control width of submenus and option to use Mega menus


Responsive optionsBetter control for responsive options

By default, WordPress has no responsive options in blocks. But sometimes you want to hide or show something related to resolution. You can find responsive options in Group block


Sticky header optionControl your header

Do you want to have sticky header? Do you need to set custom colors when header is sticked, add a transparent option or make it stick only when user scrolls up? Theme has option for sticky header


Dynamic elementsBuild complex layouts easily

Theme has a predefined Progress bar, fly search, To top dynamic icon. Do you need something more? Let us know


Style variations for blocksChange look of blocks

Almost all core blocks in theme have predefined styles which can change look of block

For example, simple button can be changed to 3d button with one click.

Check more about styles


Gradient in text, fluid typography, variable fontsControl your text easily with more options

Now, you don’t need to write custom CSS if you need to use modern typography options. Theme has special styles and presets for typography. Also, it has predefined variable fonts. Read more about Typography


Query loop patternsBuild complex loops easily

We added 8 ready patterns for query loop block, use them and modify them as you want


Woocommerce supportMost complete FSE woocommerce theme

We added special features for woocommerce. Both: FSE blocks and legacy woocommerce block is supported. It’s first block theme with full woocommerce support.

And you can even extend your shop with Woocommerce addon of Greenshift


Template system, ready patternsControl the look of inner pages

Theme has special templates which you can use to control your inner post and pages. Do you need to have featured image as background? No problem. Do you need sticky panels – let’s do this. A lot of patterns can help you to start


GreenShift – FSE ecosystemBuild complex layouts easily

Do you want to dive in to get maximum features – try our Greenshift ecosystem